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Big Joe Customer Reviews

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Give your hands a rest. This product is dishwasher safe!
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BPA-free food grade

bigger Largest capacity available

better barista-quality coffee
anytime, anywhere

faster Brew more in less time

Stronger durable. no glass!

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Bigger Brew Capacity

BIG JOE Extra Large Pour Over Coffee Maker was designed with a wide basket to brew high-quality coffee (from a single cup or up to 75 ounces) quickly & easily! You’ll enjoy better better flavor extraction, producing a balanced taste and fuller body. Whether you want 1 cup, 6 cups, 12 cups or more, Big Joe is the perfect multi-cup coffee solution



– Extra Large, Yet The Perfect Size –


Extra large
Pour over

fits most thermal carafes and cups


– Big Joe VS Drip Machines –

Standard Coffee Machines

Poor Water Distribution Poor Water Distribution
Prone to Mold and Scale Prone to Mold and Scale
Hard to Clean Hard to Clean
Glass Components Glass Components
Loses Heat Loses Heat
Expensive to Replace Expensive to Replace
Group 84

Big Joe Coffee Maker

No wasted grounds No wasted grounds
Germ-free, cleaner coffee Germ-free, cleaner coffee
Dishwasher safe Dishwasher safe
No glass to break No glass to break
Brews hot and stays hot Brews hot and stays hot
No expensive equipment No expensive equipment

How to Brew Pour Over Coffee Like a Barista

– Making Large Quantities of Pour Over Coffee Has Never Been This Easy –



How to Use the Big Joe Coffee Maker

  1. Pick your favorite carafe or cup and place Big JoeTM on top.
  2. Add filter and coffee to Big JoeTM (see chart) Grind should be drip-style, which is typically a coarse grinder setting and should resemble the size of kosher salt.
  3. Boil water. Water should be around 205° F for best flavor extraction. To start, pour enough hot water in a circle to evenly wet the grounds then pause, letting the coffee “bloom” for 20-30 seconds. This releases gasses from the coffee. Then pour the remaining water in even circles. Depending on the amount of coffee being brewed, you may need to refill Big JoeTM 2-3 times.
  4. Aim for a pour time based on the chart and the amount of coffee being brewed. Wait for all the water to drain from Big JoeTM before removing it from your cup or carafe. Place Big JoeTM on a plate or in the sink after use.

brewed amount pour time water coffee
20 oz 1 min 20 oz 20 grams/
½ cup
36 oz 2 min 36 oz 36 grams/
¾ cup
64 oz 3 min 64 oz 112 grams/
1 1/4 cup

How to Brew the Perfect Pour Over:

To adjust Brewed Amount, the Water to Coffee ratio is approximately 12 oz of water to 20 grams of ground coffee. Adjust amount of coffee to taste.

Pour times listed do not include the drain time, which is generally under 2 minutes for each fill-up. If your drain time runs slow, use a larger grind size on your next batch. Too fine of a grind size can lead to over-extraction.

When brewing large batches, stir the brewed coffee in the thermos to ensure brewed coffee is not stronger at the bottom of the thermos and lighter at the top.

Wet the filter slightly and let the water drain out prior to adding the coffee grinds. Some believe this helps ensure that any flavors introduced by the filters is removed prior to brewing.


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