The Big Joe Coffee Maker lets you make coffee off the grid, with no power. Our drip coffee maker is the perfect coffee travel companion for making coffee while camping, RVing, trucking, tailgating, hunting and boating, on-the-job, and all your outdoor needs! It’s lightweight, durable, and easy to pack and clean.

Be prepared for the unexpected with the Big Joe Coffee Maker. It’s great for brewing coffee during power outages, emergency and disaster situations and fits right in your bug-out bag next to your coffee grinder and thermos for coffee

Brew directly into your favorite thermal drinkware with this pour over coffee maker and a paper filter. No electricity is required and there’s no glass to break or pieces to assemble. Unlike french press/coffee press or cowboy coffee, there’s no bitter taste or leftover coffee grounds in your coffee mug. Just smooth, delicious, and hot coffee.

Customizable brewing capacity from 12 to 75 ounces. Fast and perfectly brewed flat drip coffee for home, job site, travel, camping, RV, hiking, hunting, fishing, entertaining, outdoors & more!

Amber and Brett, a nomadic couple from Texas, share their experience with Big Joe and why it’s the ideal coffee setup while car camping.

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I was excited to see Big Joe coffee makers were lightweight, within our budget, had great reviews, could make plenty of coffee for our crews, and could even be used with the kettles that went with our original percolators!

— Elise O'Neil

Finding the best setup was important to nail down before we hit the road. We trialed and errored (more the latter) pour over options that just didn't quite cut it. Most were too cumbersome, messy or didn't perform well taste wise. Then we stumbled across @bigjoecoffee and found a more than capable pour over.

— Amber and Brett

Great for Camping — Made pitchers of coffee while camping! So glad my husband bought this.

— Barbara

Badass Pour over! — I bought this for my husband for Christmas. We are notorious for breaking our coffee pot. I also hate cleaning coffee pots. This is an awesome alternative to a coffee pot and much cleaner too! Highly recommend!

— Lina S

You can't beat BIG JOE's ease of cleaning and so far it smokes both my Grandmother's percolator and my drip machine for flavor. On top of all that, it's portable and durable. Can't wait to take it on my next camping trip.

— Michael

Loving my Big Joe–love the ease and flavor of pour over coffee but my previous attempts were tedious with 1-4 cup capacity. This is AweSome! Usually just make it into my thermos but can just move it to everybody's cups when making for more. Will love taking it camping with us too.

— CC

We even did a taste test between Big Joe and Hario using respective filters from each brand and Big Joe did really well! It was a cleaner tasting coffee as well as value for money! I LOVE it!

— George A

This product is awesome! I really enjoy pour over coffee and needed something for my days at kids sporting events. Big Joe is perfect for the single cup and for making a thermos for a long day on the lacrosse field. The coffee even tastes better than with other pour over products I have used.

— Dan B

I love my Big Joe! The shorter the path between grounds and cup, the better the coffee. Period. Nothing beats Big Joe for this. If it were made of porcelain, that would be the ultimate for purists. But the tiny dash over plastic is minuscule compared to 99% of other methods where plastic tanks, scaly carafes and filthy rubber tubing cancel flavor. Thank you!

— Eve Berton

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