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  • BIGGER brew capacity allows for up to 18 cups/75 oz/2.2 L.  
  • Flat bottom design ensures even extraction for BETTER tasting coffee. 
  • Ridged filters allow proper air flow for FASTER brew time.
  • STRONGER than our glass competitors, our durable design is dishwasher and travel safe.


Our mission is simple: to produce high-quality, affordable coffee making products for delicious, clean coffee – and a lot of it!  With Big Joe you’ll save money, space and time on unnecessary coffee accessories and expensive equipment.

About - Story - BIg Joe Coffee - Extra Large Pour Over Coffee Maker


Our founder, Andrew, was first introduced to the manual pour over method for making coffee at a friend’s brunch.  One cup and Andrew was hooked!  Andrew and his wife both work from home and like to start each day with a pot of fresh coffee. 

In Andrew’s attempt to find the perfect pour over equipment for his home he tried all of the best sellers in the market only to be left disappointed.  Hario and similar models limit brewing to one cup at a time and the cone shape resulted in over-extracted grounds.  While Chemex is available in larger sizes, the coffee took too long to brew, lost too much heat in the process and its fragile construction made clean up difficult.

The Solution

There had to be a better way to make a large amount of pour-over coffee…except there wasn’t.

The idea for Big Joe was born!

The Big Joe Coffee Maker has a wide, basket-style design to allow for even extraction, that when partnered with Big Joe’s high-quality paper filters results in a cleaner, more robust cup of coffee – and no sediment!  Big Joe is BPA free and dishwasher safe.  Its sturdy, lightweight design makes it a great companion for travel, camping, tailgating and more!  Big Joe brews directly into your favorite thermal carafe or cup, preventing heat loss and messy transfers and is the perfect solution whether you want one cup or a full pot!

Big Joe: simple, good coffee.  

Drink BIG!