The Big Joe Coffee Maker is an innovative, portable, and affordable Extra-Large pour over coffee dripper. The Big Joe Coffee Maker is a great product to help you cut your labor costs, deliver a consistently high-quality, premium priced pour over product, and improve your overall operational profitability and efficiency.

Big Joe is an affordable way to help smaller operators to begin offering pour over coffee without a large investment in coffee equipment or labor. While pour over coffee commands a higher price point with consumers, those with limited staff may be hesitant to add pour over to their coffee offerings since most pour over makers brew only a single cup or are made of fragile glass.

Big Joe is a great pour over solution for small commercial settings such as:

  • Café owners
  • Restaurants
  • Catering businesses
  • Convenience stores
  • Bakeries
  • Angling and Adventure Outfitters
  • Glamping campsite operators
Commercial Use Example 2
Commercial Use Example 1

Big Joe was built to brew up to 75 ounces or 15 cups (5oz each) of coffee at a time, enough to fill a commercial air pot. We have satisfied customers who are café owners and caterers that use our product to be able to offer pour over coffee at scale for their catering businesses, garnering a higher price than regular machine drip coffee.


Our product gets great reviews from our customers because it’s durable, brews directly into their favorite thermal vessel, and lets them make large batches of pour over coffee to serve many people at once.  Big Joe makes offering high-quality pour over coffee at restaurants and brunches possible without the repetitive, labor-intensive cup-by-cup process. Even for busy cafes that are short on staff, Big Joe allows them to brew multiple orders at once with just one brew time instead of managing cup by cup.

We also offer a competitive wholesale and drop-shipping program that makes Big Joe a great addition to your store’s retail merchandise for your home-brewing coffee enthusiasts. For an $800 fee, you can customize Big Joe with your own company logo with a minimum order of 500 units.

Are you a café or restaurant owner, caterer, convenience store, or bakery interested in making better large batch pour over for your customers? Reach out to the Big Joe team and let’s discuss how the Big Joe Coffee Maker can increase customer satisfaction with better-tasting coffee and help efficiently grow your business by expanding your menu options or brewing your existing pour over orders more quickly.


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