Top 5 Camp Cooking Gear

Top 5 Camp Cooking Gear

Planning a long camping trip but not sure how you’re going to be cooking for your friends or family? Don’t be the group stuck eating canned and packaged food the entire trip because you forgot to bring the right camp cooking supplies. Fortunately, we’ve got you covered. These 5 pieces of camp cooking gear are essential to bring on your next camping, hiking, or other outdoor excursion.

Top 5 Cooking Essentials for Camping

1. Outdoor Cooktop 

Make sure that you don’t miss a hot meal just because you’re out camping. When you’re out in the bush and not at a campsite with a cooking area, a portable, outdoor cooktop is critical so that you’re not stuck eating fruits, vegetables, and granola for every meal. Most portable outdoor cooktops will suit your needs, but this small propane stove from Coleman is our recommendation. The gas stove comes with an adjustable burner to give similar power and control that you get cooking with a much larger stove. 

2. Fire Starter

As you know, every camping trip centers around the fire. It helps to have a little extra certainty that you can start the campfire no matter what the conditions are. Rain and wet wood can stop you from starting a traditional fire, and you might not want to carry around extra gas your entire trip. But you never know what can happen and it’s always smart to be prepared. Ensure that you can create the roaring fire no matter what with a fire starter. We recommend the Bear Grylls Fire Starter by Gerber. It’s waterproof, and even comes with an emergency whistle! 

3. Camping Cookware

No matter how you start your fire, you’ve got to have something to cook your food in. Perfect for soups, stews, boiling water, and more, these easy to clean, non stick bowls are our favorite for cooking while camping. They provide just enough room to heat up your favorite dishes, while not being too big and hefty to carry around. Collapsible handles make them even easier to store. Built with anodized aluminum, they’re both durable and lightweight. These are the perfect compact camping pots to use with a portable cooktop, such as Coleman’s. 

4. Reusable Cutlery

It’s time to eat, but plastic utensils are easy to break, lose, and if there’s not a trash can where you’re camping, you have to carry them around anyway so that you don’t litter the trail. Reusable cutlery is a must have. Camp in form and function with these sets of interlocking silverware. They stick together, so you don’t have to worry about losing a piece. They also work as a bottle opener for when it’s time to settle down and relax at the end of a long day camping.

5. The Big Joe Coffee Maker

Sometimes you wake up a bit groggy or just need some energy to get going. Nothing will get you out of your tent and ready for action quite like a delicious, hot cup of camp coffee. Forget the hard to clean french press, the old-school heavy metal percolators, and leave gritty instant coffee behind. What if we told you you could make delicious pour over camping coffee for everyone in your group in only a few minutes with a coffee maker you won’t even notice is in your backpack. It’s built with recyclable plastic, meaning it’s lightweight and easy to clean. It’s extra large size means you can make more than one cup at a time, a common issue with pour over coffee makers. The Big Joe Extra Large Coffee Maker makes a single cup or over a half-gallon of smooth, barista quality coffee and is the perfect companion for campers, hikers, and outdoors enthusiasts. 

Make your next camping trip one to remember!

Some of your best camping memories will be sitting around the fire, enjoying a good meal and a warm drink with your family and friends. With these five camp cooking essentials, you’ll make sure your whole crew is set up for some great times, and not just while you’re out exploring. Take these with you, and you’ll never be without a hot meal and a hot cup of coffee while camping ever again.

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