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The Problem with Coffee Pods

We are all busy, and we all need coffee. The onslaught of the pandemic taught us how different the coffee in our own homes can be from the fresh taste of a cafe-made cup. Being busy and in need of caffeine can lead us to cut some corners while we search for our morning cup. We may inevitably veer towards the siren calls of the coffee pods because they seem convenient and easy. However, this is dangerous territory and we’ll tell you why. We also include the perfect solution to these problems in the coffee drinking business.  

How Do Coffee Pods Taste?

Taste is one of the issues with using pods. The ease these coffee pods portend to provide does not make up for the sacrifice in taste. If you taste-test a barista-made cup of joe and a pod-made cup, you will immediately understand the difference. Coffee pods are lackluster. They are watery, weak, and uninteresting. The coffee inside may have been ground months ago and has been losing precious oils and flavor each day since. For those who really love their cup of joe, the flavor is nowhere near up to snuff. 

Coffee Pods vs. the Environment

While taste is troublesome on a personal level, waste is a broad-level problem in the coffee pod industry. A study found that with 39,000 capsules produced globally every minute, 29,000 of them will end up in landfills. Clearly, the environmental impact extends beyond the individual experience of a cup of coffee in your home. Though it takes a bit more effort, drinking coffee without the pods produces less waste and can make your morning cup taste even sweeter. 

What’s Lurking in the Machine?

The challenge with all coffee machines is that they are prone to getting dirty.  Water can sit in the chamber and build up lime, scale and mold.  Coffee grounds escape and get stuck in the deep, dark crevices. Over time, this will impact the flavor of your next cup.  These interior machine components are hard to clean, and easy to break.  Machines can be expensive and may only last a few years before getting gunked up. 

The Cost of Coffee Pods vs. Ground Coffee

Cost is a tricky factor. Many of us will pay whatever is necessary for the fix to start our day. However, the cost of individual coffee pods greatly varies and is an important feature to keep in mind when purchasing your coffee method. In a comparison between Caribou brand K-Cups coffee pods and ground coffee, the difference found is highly impactful. Coffee pods cost $0.66 cents per cup compared with $0.28 cents per cup of conventional grounds. Therefore, three cups a day at these prices for a single year adds up to $723 on coffee pods compared to $307 on coffee grounds. 

Better Coffee with Big Joe

Factoring all of this into account, we can see how an alternative to coffee pods is beneficial for the environment and the individual. This is where the Big Joe Coffee Maker comes into play. This revolutionary pour over device is unique in that it can make a single cup or up 75 ounces of coffee in minutes. Good for a person who lives alone but also works when friends and family come to visit. Bio-degradable paper filters can reduce the cholesterol in coffee and create a full, fresh taste. For those looking for maximum taste, the Big Joe Coffee Maker lets you achieve barista-quality coffee in every sip. Clean-up is easy and you can sanitize it in the top rack of the dishwasher. You are going to be glad you swapped the wasteful pods for fresh ground coffee and this inventive pour over system!

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