How VYCC Uses the Big Joe Coffee Maker

Nothing makes us happier than when our customers tell us about their experiences using our Big Joe Coffee Maker.  We’ll be highlighting some of our most unique customer use cases in our blog and newsletter to share how Big Joe is performing in the field.  

When we received an order for several Big Joe’s from the Vermont Youth Conservation Corps (VYCC), we were curious about why they needed so many.  We reached out to Elise O’Neil, Program Logistics Coordinator at VYCC to learn more about why their organization chose the Big Joe Coffee Maker and get her feedback on how it’s working out for them. Below is our verbatim Q&A with Elise about their selection process and experience.

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Why did you choose Big Joe for your conservation team’s needs?

Elise: VYCC has been using coffee percolators for our camping crews for years. I have always thought percolators are difficult to use correctly and often make terrible coffee filled with grounds. I did a ton of research on lightweight coffee makers that could be used in the field, even for backcountry crews, that are easy to use and make better coffee in bulk. I really struggled to find options that could make coffee for up to 10 people other than percolators, until I found Big Joe.

I was excited to see Big Joe coffee makers were lightweight, within our budget, had great reviews, could make plenty of coffee for our crews, and could even be used with the kettles that went with our original percolators!

How has Big Joe improved your team’s morning coffee experience?

Elise: After working hard in the elements all day the day before and waking up in a tent, our corps members appreciate major energy boosts in the mornings. Our crews have been loving the simplicity of the coffee makers, how quick and easy it is to make coffee in the morning, and the way our Big Joe coffee makers make their coffee taste.

Would you recommend Big Joe to other outdoor conservation groups?

Elise: With some filters that are reusable and easy to wash in the field. We use Coffee Socks. I absolutely would recommend Big Joe Coffee Makers to organizations like ours. They are affordable for non-profits like us, make great coffee easily, and are durable and perfect for larger groups that need lots of coffee in the mornings.

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