How Galaxy Girl Coffee Uses the Big Joe Coffee Maker

As an ongoing blog feature, we’ll be highlighting some of our most unique customer use cases in our blog and newsletter to share how Big Joe is performing in the field. This month we focus on one of our commercial coffee shop clients, Christine Ball of Galaxy Girl Coffee in Manhattan, Kansas. 

Galaxy Girl Coffee is a local coffee roaster providing super-fresh, personalized small batch roasting services. She began offering her coffees at a local farmer’s market and is the process of opening her first brick and mortar store.  We reached out to Christine to learn more about why she chose the Big Joe Coffee Maker and get her feedback on how it’s helping her gain efficiencies in her business. Follow her on Instagram Galaxy Girl Coffee (@galaxygirlcoffee) • Instagram photos and videos or check out her website at Galaxy Girl Coffee.

Below is our verbatim Q&A with Christine about her selection process and her customer’s experience.

  1. Why did you choose Big Joe for your coffee shop business needs?

Christine: I was originally looking for a way to filter my cold brew more efficiently during the summer for my farmer’s market stall. I was spending all day filtering, and it was a huge time sink. It was a happy accident when I found Big Joe and ordered one to test it out. It worked great! As fall hit, and I moved to making hot coffee, I started using it to make pour over at the market instead of a percolator, which is less energy efficient and definitely does not create the level of quality that pour over does. Big Joe allows me to brew directly into my AirPots, allowing me to have self-serve coffee that tastes amazing.

  1. How has Big Joe performed for your customers?

Christine: My customers love the coffee that is brewed with it. With the right recipe, my customers get the best of both worlds. Great pour over coffee, with the speed and convenience of self-serve.

  1. Would you recommend Big Joe to other coffee shop owners?

Christine: Yes. Definitely. Being able to brew multiple AirPots worth of pour-over at a time, with no expensive equipment is fantastic. There is a higher level of control that the automatic “pour-over” brewers don’t offer. I can easily tweak my recipe by changing the brew temperature based on the bean being brewed.

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