Big Joe is Made in the USA

The Big Joe Coffee Maker is Now Made in the USA

At Big Joe, we make brewing barista-quality coffee easier than ever before. We spent years making our own pour over coffee and have tried everything from glass and metal drippers to Aeropresses and they’ve all had their own issues. Whether it’s the fragile construction, being hard to clean, having a small brewing capacity, producing poor extractions, or the countless other issues we’ve experienced, finding the perfect coffee dripper has been impossible. In 2020, we created the Big Joe coffee maker to solve these problems. For 2023, we’re proud to announce our Big Joe coffee maker is now made in the USA.

Success is never final so we’ve been working on making our products even better than before. We are excited to announce that the production of the Big Joe coffee maker has moved to the United States. All Big Joe coffee makers purchased through our website, Amazon, Walmart, or Meta marketplaces are now made in the USA. Also made in the United States are our extra large pour over coffee filters, which fit most 10-12 cups auto-drip coffee makers, and of course the Big Joe Coffee Maker. They are now available in a 500 count and can be purchased on our website and Amazon Prime!

Quality of brew is key to a delicious cup of coffee, and the quality of your coffee maker is just as important. Moving our manufacturing to the United States will allow us to make our products at a higher quality. Additionally, by making our coffee makers in the United States, we will be supporting the country’s economy and creating jobs. In addition to a higher quality standard, we are proud to support the men and women of this country as they help us make products you will love. 

You will also notice our updated retail packaging—we are stepping up our game across the board. We can’t wait to hear what you think about our made-in-the-USA pour over coffee makers. Stay up to date on the latest happenings at Big Joe on our blog.

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