Making Coffee 101 – How to Brew Pour Over Iced Coffee

Whether it’s an automatic drip coffee machine or a glass pour over coffee maker, modern coffee makers frustrate us. From difficulty cleaning to a small brew size and more, they just can’t get it perfect. That’s why we invented the Big Joe extra large pour over coffee maker. We want your coffee-drinking experience to be as good as that of a barista, and with our coffee maker, it’s just that easy. The Big Joe was created for making hot pour over coffee, but did you know that it can also be used to making a delicious iced coffee? In this article, we cover how to brew a perfect batch of Japanese iced coffee.

What is Japanese iced coffee?

Japanese iced coffee is made by substituting part of the water in the brewing process for ice. Then the coffee is brewed right on the ice. The reason iced coffee and pour over are so popular is that when coffee is cooled quickly, it does not oxidize, and won’t go bad sitting at room temperature. Many make iced coffee instead of making cold brew coffee because cold brew can take around 12 hours while iced coffee can be made in as little as 5 minutes. 

How do you brew iced coffee with a pour over coffee maker?

  1. Boil water to 200°F. 
  2. Place your pour over coffee maker over a pitcher filled with ice. Place your pour over coffee filter in the coffee maker. 
  3. Grind your coffee and place it in the filter. 
  4. Pour a small amount of water over the coffee and allow the coffee to bloom for 1 minute. Pour the rest of the water slowly in circles for around four minutes.
  5. Pour the chilled coffee into a coffee mug, cup, carafe, or growler filled with ice. 
  6. Enjoy your Japanese iced coffee!

How is iced coffee different from cold brew coffee?

Cold brew coffee is made by combining ground coffee with water and letting it steep overnight. This slowly infuses the coffee into the water. People love cold brew coffee because it makes a strong cup of coffee that isn’t bitter or sour. Many say it is smooth and can even taste sweet. You will have to filter out the grounds from the water and Big Joe allows you to complete that process much quicker than with most single serve pour over makers. You can then serve it over ice for a chilled cup of joe. 

Iced coffee can be made a lot quicker than cold brew, but has a different flavor profile. It should also be consumed fairly quickly after brewing, whereas cold brew can be stored for a few days in the fridge.

Outdoors lovers and pour over lovers should try iced coffee if you’re looking for a chilled drink. Cold brew is for the more patient and those who want a sweeter cup of coffee. 

What else do you need to make iced coffee?

Making Japanese iced coffee is easy. Now that you know how to do it, you should make sure you have everything you need. Fortunately, you only need a few items to make the perfect cup of iced coffee in this article. 

  • A pour over coffee maker, like the Big Joe
  • Coffee filters for your coffee maker (Big Joe makes them too)
  • Coffee beans
  • Coffee grinder
  • A pitcher
  • A coffee mug, cup, carafe, or growler
  • An electric kettle
  • Ice

Coffee drinkers love Big Joe.

With the Big Joe, you can have a barista-quality iced coffee or cold brew coffee experience. The best part is you can make enough iced coffee for your friends and family because the Big Joe can brew up to 18 cups at a time—that’s 75 ounces! That’s more than three times what a small 6 cup coffee maker would make, twice what the average 8 cup coffee maker can brew, and 8 cups more than a 10 cup coffee makerget yours today. Want more tips like these on homebrewing? Check out all of our articles on making coffee at home.

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