Pour Over Is The Best Coffee Brewing Method

Pour Over Is The Best Coffee Brewing Method

With so many different ways to brew coffee at home and the ability to buy a cup of joe at almost any cafe or coffee shop, even the most experienced coffee connoisseur can find themselves overwhelmed. If you’ve been using the same automatic coffee maker for the past ten years, then it is time to expand your horizons and branch out. It may just lead you to better coffee! When looking to change your coffee routine, consider moving to a pour over coffee maker. Looking for more tips on homebrewing? Check out all of our blog articles on the topic.

Pour over compared to other brewing methods

Besides the pour over, other types of coffee makers include espresso machines, French presses, and percolators. While espresso machines have the capacity to create a great shot of espresso and frothy milk similar to your favorite coffee shop, they are also expensive, very technical to use, and can be very labor intensive. On the opposite end, percolators are easy to use and reliable, but the coffee can become stale and bitter due to the constant recycling of water and grounds that overflow. Percolators also have to be completely disassembled to clean and can easily mold. French presses also use a different brewing method from pour overs, with the former using immersion and the latter, using extraction. Since the coffee grounds are immersed in the water longer, you may end up with a bitter or intense flavor and fine gritty grounds at the bottom of your cup.  Immersion methods also leave more cholesterol in the coffee vs. when using a paper filter.

Customize your coffee brewing experience with pour over

Using a pour over coffee maker will also allow you to customize the coffee to your liking more than the methods discussed above, as well as more economical than buying expensive, pre-brewed coffee at your local cafe. Besides saving money by brewing your coffee at home, especially when using a pour over, you have the opportunity to more easily control the coarseness of the grounds, water temperature, and strength of your coffee. Water temperature is perhaps the most influential factor in your coffee flavor, and there is no better way to reach the exact temperature you want than using a pour over. If the water is too cold, your coffee will be weak and under-extracted. If the water temperature is too hot, the coffee will taste burnt. Percolators don’t give you any control over the water temperature.  Most auto-drip coffee makers can’t get the water hot enough to extract the best flavors from your grounds.  Auto-drip makers also rarely have good water distribution so you waste grounds on the outer edges and over-extract the grounds in the middle of the coffee bed, leading to more bitter flavors in your brew.

You won’t regret switching to pour over

Pour over coffee is superior to other coffee brewing methods in many ways, most notably due to the control it allows over your water temperature and distribution. Thinking of making the switch to pour over coffee? Well, this is your sign! Big Joe Coffee has created an extra-large pour over coffee maker that is bigger, better, easier, and cleaner. After trying the Big Joe Coffee Maker, we’re sure that you’ll never go back to a moldy percolator, messy French press, or that expensive Starbucks latte! Pick yours up today.

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